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SSenStone declares universalization of authentication security technology with unconventional SDK supply policy

SSenStone declares universalization of authentication security technology with unconventional SDK supply policy


● SI and solution companies, and even security competitors, can configure policies to be made into their own solutions
● Support for unlimited license policy for internal systems of government agencies and public/private companies
Contribute to the ecosystem efficiency by focusing on the role of a ‘exclusive technology research center’ in commercial certification technology
● Free gift of ‘SSenStone Electronic Access List’ solution for COVID-19 access control for purchasing customers


SSenStone (CEO Chang-Hun Yoo), an authentication security technology start-up, announced it has launched an all-in-one authentication software development kit, ‘swIDch Auth SDK’, and declared the universalization of authentication security technology. SSenStone’s swIDch Auth SDK is a software development kit that anyone can easily, quickly, and efficiently apply from commercial solutions that require strong security such as biometric authentication and two-step authentication to internal system authentication and identification. SSenStone decided to stop the direct supply and competition of ‘StonePASS’, which had been supplied as an exclusive authentication security solution, with the declaration of this SDK supply policy. However, the current support for customers who use StonePASS will continue.


The background of SSenStone’s declaration contains the will to change the domestic authentication security ecosystem, which has already become a ‘red ocean’, more productive and developmental. In the meantime, it is true that the domestic authentication security solution market has been turbid with cutthroat competition and bundling due to the limited market size compared to its importance. The change in SSenStone’s policy seems to disrupt the market by encouraging unlimited competition, but it is expected to be a catalyst for the more universal use of authentication security technology.

With SSenStone’s SDK policy, companies that need to supply authentication security solutions are expected to deploy their R&D personnel to more value-added businesses, and institution security solutions on internal systems are expected to increase stability and efficiency by purchasing SDK. SI companies and developers can also greatly reduce the burden of building solutions.

‘swIDch Auth SDK’ is a development kit with all three of the most powerful authentication security functions such as biometric authentication, two-step authentication, and one-time dynamic code authentication. The brand-new product is provided as an SDK, so that developers can easily and stably implement trustworthy functions in their applications, which means more efficient and seamless authentication functions can be installed without expensive R&D costs from solution development and system deployment.

swIDch Auth SDK is recommended for SI companies, which require rapid and stable system integration using verified authentication security technology, ▲Integrated security solution providers who need reliable, all-in-one authentication security technology that can be immediately implemented Organizations and companies who need internationally standardized authentication technology for domestic and foreign business activities Organizations and companies who need system network upgrades with reliable authentication security technology CEOs or key decision-makers who want to reallocate security related engineering resources and increase the efficiency of resource management.

SSenStone’s swIDch Auth SDK is composed of three strong authentication functions. FIDO (Fast IDentity Online), the international standard biometric authentication, provides user biometrics such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition patterns PINs QR codes encryption and digital signature private key server administration. Being based on FIDO authentication, it is excellent in solving vulnerabilities of ID and password method, from user biometrics to electronic signatures, meaning diverse yet simple authentication is made possible.

swIDch Auth SDK provides easy-to-use mobile OTP function for services requiring higher level secured authentication methods. The mOTP can generate one-time password on mobile application without a physical security card. Users will bolster security and authentication strength by generating the encryption value of already registered PINs as OTP, or by using transaction-linked OTP.

swIDch Auth SDK also provides a newly developed technology, OTAC (One-Time Authentication Code) based login function. SSenStone’s OTAC technology has more than 150 global patents and has been recognized for its technology and marketability at numerous domestic and international awards. OTAC Login, included in swIDch Auth SDK, generates dynamic one-time authentication codes that cannot be reused, cannot be duplicated, and cannot be changed, without communication with the server. As a result, it establishes a strong authentication security environment by minimizing the resources of networks and servers rather than token methods without exposing personal information in any environment.

SSenStone’s swIDch Auth SDK consists of a total of four products, depending on the number of licenses available. Project Friendship with one-pack licenses, Business Companionship with 5 packs licenses and Business Partnership with 10 licenses, and Enterprise Family with unlimited internal system access and 30 licenses.

SSenStone will hold a special event to commemorate the launch of the new SDK and the policy declaration. All customers who purchase two types of business licenses and any type of enterprise license will be provided a free gift, ‘SSenStone Electronic Access List open source’ that can be registered to manage COVID-19. SSenStone’s electronic access list is excellent for management of enterprise and building entrances, including registration and management of QR codes, creation of smartphone questionnaires according to the entry target and environment, and safe access information protection using QR codes.

Chang-Hun Yoo, Founder and CEO of SSenStone, said “SSenStone’s SDK supply policy declaration will continue to be recognized as a ‘contributor’ contributing to the revitalization and development of the market, not a ‘disrupter’ in the domestic authentication security market. This new policy declaration is not just aimed at the domestic market, we will be able to establish SSenStone’s SDK in the global market as well.”


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