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SSenStone Aired on, JTBC Documentary: ‘New Normal Era: Startups, Fly High”

[JTBC] 2020.12.05

SSenStone was aired on a documentary program titled, “New Normal Era: Startups, Fly High” directed by JTBC at 10am last December 5th. This special documentary 'New Normal Era: Startups, Fly High’ is a special program directed for startups that are creating an unprecedented economic community with innovative ideas from a time of crisis called the 'Post Corona' era.


▲JTBC ‘New Normal Era: Startups, Fly High’ Premiere Broadcast Capture, Source: JTBC

From the protagonists of the digital new deal, which are undergoing digital innovation in relation to the Korean version of the New Deal policy, to startups preparing to take a leap according to the untact era, and the market situation in which diastrophism has occurred.

▲ JTBC ‘New Normal Era: Startups, Fly High’ Broadcast Capture, Source: JTBC

This broadcast includes contents of discovering the secrets of successful companies. In this program, SSenStone’s potential and technological prowess are well shown based on its unique technology called OTAC(One Time Authentication Code).

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