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The CEOs of the security industry, born in the year of the cow, go forward as faithfully as a cow

[inews24] 2020.01.08

With the year of the white cow in 2021, CEOs of the security industry born in the year of the cow are drawing attention. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, they have been strengthening their business competitiveness and are preparing to expand the market.

SSenStone is committed to full-fledged growth this year by breaking away from startups. To achieve this goal, SSenStone is not only reinforcing business development and sales organizations in Korea and global business headquarter, but also conducting consulting works to establish a human resource (HR) system and corporate culture.

Yoo ChangHun, CEO of SSenStone said, "This year will be the inflection point of the J curve in which SSenStone goes 'up' out of 'start'."