swIDch Auth SDK

All-in-One User Authentication Security SDK, swIDch Auth SDK


SSenStone's all-in-one user authentication security SDK, swIDch Auth SDK provides diverse authentication functions including 'FIDO certified' biometric authentication, convenient 'mOTP(Mobile OTP)', and OTAC(the world's first one-way dynamic authentication technology) based 'OTAC Login'.


swIDch Auth SDK is the best choice for simpler, faster, and more secure user identification and authentication without complicated procedures. No longer needs to worry about memorizing complicated and difficult passwords, or having passwords that can not be remembered.


swIDch Auth SDK provides various FIDO certified biometric authentication functions which are much simpler and more secure than the password. It provides a mobile OTP function that works on a smartphone app. With the use of a PIN input, mobile OTP generates a one-time OTP number that provides the same level of powerful security as the standard OTP function.  swIDch Auth SDK provides a login based on our self-developed, powerful authentication security technology, OTAC(One-Time Authentication Code). OTAC allows users to generate a one-time dynamic code that can identify users even without a network connection to the server.


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