[Vlog] Access Management

Vlog #02 | Access Management

When everything is connected through a network, existed authentication methods are convenient, but not safe. SSenStone's OTAC generates a dynamic code that changes every time. Your static ID and password are not needed.

If you are identified and authenticated by something that never changes, that is not safe. Someone hacks your information, and he or she can pretend to be you.

OTP(One-Time Password) itself can not authenticate users and they can be duplicated. And, Tokenization requires massive network traffic.

OTAC is a dynamic code that changes every time. It can authenticate a user in one-way communication. Once you have a unique dynamic code, you will have an access to your system by entering this code or using QR code authentication. You are not using any static value that is your personal information. Also, you can generate OTAC code with a thin card or chip only.


For detailed information about SSenStone(swIDch, global business headquarter of SSenStone) and OTAC technology, please visit the website.

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