[Vlog] SIM Card

Vlog #03 | SIM Card

SSenStone's OTAC(One-Time Authentication Code) can be embedded on a small SIM card. OTAC takes less than 0.4 seconds to complete the calculation.

Symantec said, "75% of IoT attacks targeted routers". There is where OTAC technology can come in. Which creates a wireless IoT environment with SIM cards inserted. Usually, a router comes with a default ID and password. It is physically impossible to change IDs and passwords on the devices that are everywhere.

SSenStone can solve the problems with a SIM card with OTAC technology. In the current environment, hackers may take your ID and password which are static, and fully control your IoT devices that are connected to a router. OTAC will be embedded on the SIM card itself. The access codes and control codes will be in the format of OTAC, and these OTAC will be verified within the SIM card. There is no way that hackers can take control authority.


For detailed information about SSenStone(swIDch, global HQ of SSenStone) and OTAC technology, please visit the website.

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