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SSenStone names Min-Ju Kim as a new vice president to accelerate a unicorn race

[Electronic Times] 26 April 2021
SSenStone has appointed Min-Ju Kim, former executive director of S3I as a vice president. Mss. Kim will pioneer an ecosystem of authentication in cybersecurity in Korea and over the world with Dong-Guen Choi, president of SSenStone and the former Lotte Card Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who joined last year. She also aims to strengthen SSenStone’s growth as a unicorn company.
The new vice president is planning to focus on developing use cases of One-Time Authentication Code (OTAC), a core technology of SSenStone. As the number of global use cases on OTAC has been growing, enquiries from local organisations are rapidly increasing. Mss. Kim will develop new use cases optimized for local industries and enterprises and pioneer a new authentication ecosystem with OTAC in cybersecurity.
Min-Ju Kim, vice president of SSenStone, said: “I believe in the global market potential of SSenStone's OTAC technology. As I've witnessed the process of domestic startups demonstrating on the global stage, I was sure that I could contribute to faster opportunity creation and scale-up. I will pioneer new markets for more organisations and enterprises to experience SSenStone’s innovative authentication technology.”


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