OTAC Applet on IC Card

OTAC Solutions | OTAC Applet on IC Card

Should you continue to have to choose between convenience and security whenever using financial services? Software OTP, SMS, email, and biometrics are replacing hardware OTP tokens to elicit a convenient user experience. However, it is still difficult to completely replace hardware OTP since it is free from external cyber-attacks by being disconnected from the network.

SSenStone decided to take a close look at 'payment card' already in use. OTAC is embedded in the form of an applet on the IC Chip. OTAC embedded cards can also be used as a means of diverse authentication beyond payment.


For detailed information about SSenStone(swIDch, global HQ of SSenStone) and OTAC technology, please visit the website.

Next-Generation Authentication Security Lab, SSenStone.