[Vlog] OTAC Technology

Vlog #01 | OTAC Technology

OTAC(One-Time Authentication Code) is designed to overcome the limitations of all existing authentication methods like OTP, Tokenization.

Based on the world's first one-way dynamic authentication technology, OTAC provides more secure authentication for all digital identities even in the off-network environment.


It is not an OTP(One-Time Password). It is not tokenization.

SSenStone's OTAC technology provides more efficient and more effective solutions than most common authentication systems. OTAC generates a dynamic code that both identifies and authenticates the user at the same time and can do so without a network connection. It is an extremely lightweight codes size under 4KB. So it can be implemented on a chip of a tiny card.


For detailed information about SSenStone(swIDch, global business headquarter of SSenStone) and OTAC technology, please visit the website.

Next-Generation Authentication Security Lab, SSenStone.