[Vlog] IC Card

Vlog #04 | IC Card

SSenStone embeds OTAC(One-Time Authentication Code) technology on a chip that is used for a regular card. OTAC can be generated and verified on a chip level without any extra cost by updating current software.

The display card has a very innovative technology. But because it needs an extra display and other electronic parts in the cards, the unit price is not the most attractive feature to banks, card companies, Visa and Mastercard. SSeStone came up with its own solution.

If OTAC technology can be embedded on a chip level on a regular card, then you can have plenty of business opportunities where a regular card that is been used in payment only could be used for access management, unlocking, and starting your car as well as for authentication, KYC(Know Your Customer).


For detailed information about SSenStone(swIDch, global HQ of SSenStone) and OTAC technology, please visit the website.

Next-Generation Authentication Security Lab, SSenStone.